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IMDb Bottom 100 Review - Number 61 Snowboard Academy

IMDb Bottom 100 Review – Number 61 Snowboard Academy

88 minutes of some of the most unfunny shit ever captured on celluloid, unimpressive snowboard and skiing montages, and a plot so thin Cosmopolitan is looking to hire it as their next cover model. That's what we're dealing with in tonight's review. Add on top of that Jim Varney, a face familiar to the B100 list, and newcomers Brigitte Nielsen and Corey Haim, and we've got a movie cocktail so potent, the odors alone will give you a hangover. I can delay the inevitable no longer. It's time to take a not so critical look at...

Just look at this cooky bastard. That hairdo was genuine I'm sure. 

This seems to be the epitome of Sunday morning still in the clutches of a massive boozer don't want to get up from the couch movie. Perhaps only surpassed by 3 Ninjas. One of the movies that cost a network about $3.50 to purchase the rights to, and subsequently show in every available time slot. It's unspeakably boring and stupid, making it perfect for showings ad nauseam. For me, one showing was sufficient to throw up a bit in my mouth. Is the movie really that bad? Perhaps not. But I think I threw up more out of boredom than anything else. It's Jim Varney for pete's sake! How the hell has he ever been OK to put in films? Granted, his Slinky the Dog turn in 2 of the 3 Toy Stories wasn't bad. But let's be honest here, folks, it didn't really demand much of him in terms of acting talent. So he's pretty much batting a career average of 0. He seems to model his antics after Popeye, with a constant stream of mumblings and musings, that other people are oblivious to. He just needs to stoop when walking, and it'd be a perfect match. Well except that for Popeye in the 40s it was hilarious. For Varney in the 2000s... not so much.

This lady is entirely too happy to be involved in this project. She probably thought it was a commercial for laxatives. 

Snowboard Academy is basically a depiction of a battle of slope supremacy older than time itself: Skiing versus Snowboarding – which one is fucking better than the other? It's an existential discussion I've had myself many a time over the years. I never reached a conclusion until tonight. Varney showed me the path of infinite illumination. However, the conclusion was inconclussive. Does that make sense? Not really. I guess the subject matter is too complicated to cover in this review. Instead, let's dwell upon the action that unfolds before our very eyes when Varney, Nielsen and Haim do, what Varney, Nielsen and Haim do worst. Haim is a snowboarder at some resort. His dad owns the resort, and his older brother is a skiier. They fight over what's best. They are adopted. Nielsen is married to their dad, and is Russian. Obviously. Things are slow at the resort, and the insurance dude is on his way to see if they want to keep insuring the resort, or if things are too fucked up for them to justify covering anything. Of course Nielsen sees this as the perfect opportunity to wrest the resort from her husband before divorcing his ass. She plays the classic blame game, effectively framing the older douchey brother for explosions and other mishaps, because he's already an asshole and him and his brother are dueling on the slopes.

I don't even know what the hell is going on with this costume. As if he didn't look ridiculous enough already, this had to happen. 

That's quite a predicament, you might be thinking. Yes. It is. But alas, it's not too big a predicament for Jim Varney, a travelling minstrel. Actually he's an entertainer hired to, amazingly enough, entertain in the bar at night. However, on top of that he is also going to be security expert for the entire resort. AND make announcement. The 5 minutes of screen time his 'interview' takes shows me he is clearly not suited for that. It also tells me he is easily in the running for least funny guy ever. But all this is of course disregarded. Because if your resort is about to undergo major insurance checks, you want some fucknugget trippind over wires and setting fire to himself. So he is hired. If the dad wanted to hire somebody who actually knew what they were doing, that somebody probably wouldn't want to be hired after all. Everything in the movie unfolds with tedious inevitability. A bet is made between skiiers and snowboarders. If blah blah blah happens, snowboarding gets to stay at the resort. Even if it's clearly a booming business, the dad is ready to straight up ban it from his resort to appease this stupid wager. But that's how that is. Varney goofs off, fucking up a few things. Nielsen and her ski resort employee slash ex green baret wannabe boyfriend try to make shit hit the fan in a big way, to ruin the impeccable reputation of the resort. The insurance guy shows up and at first is appalled, before turning on a dime when Varney foils the evil plot in the most bumbling and off the cuff way. Happy endings all around. Except for the viewing several. In this B100 game, we are the perpetual losers.

Nielsen/Nelson doing what she does bed best. Not much.

It's hard to say too much about this flick, without sinking into deep unrecoverable depression. But for you guys, in the name of simple wholesome family entertainment, I'm going to risk it. The movie sucks, to put it bluntly. I was never a fan of Brigitte Nielsen, or as the is credited here, Brigitte Nelson, despite her status of 'local girl' – at least around my parts. She married Sylvester Stallone back in her modelling days and of course that meant starring in movies. She barely pulled off evil Russian wife in RamboRockywhatever IV opposite husband Sly and in-movie husband Dolph Lundgren. Her acting career should probably have stopped there, or even better: never taken off to begin with. Now she makes her way around the low-belly end of the reality TV circuit. Yes, as much as I loathe all reality TV even I can't deny, that some shows are worse than others. The one I most recently remember seeing her associated with, had Dave Coulier in the same season. So we know it's a waste of airwaves. In an amazing turn of events, she actually manages to make Dave Coulier look appealing. I am as freaked out by this as you probably are right now. When my inate hatred for Coulier is trumped, the fan has been hit with feces in a big way. As for Haim, he seems to have forever skirted the line between mainstream and b movies. The Lost Boys was probably his biggest endeavor, and that says it all I think. However, I haven't actually seen The Lost Boys, and still Corey Haim is a name I know inherently. I don't know why I do. But I do, so he has that going for him which is nice.

Billy Dee? Is that really you? Sadly no. But look at Corey Haim here. What a champ!

Varney is an institution. I understand that. I don't accept it. His claim to fame is largely based on aforementioned Ernest movies, and I don't get why. Granted, I'm not in the target audience now. I don't think I am anyway. Did they have a target audience? If the target audience are stoners, kids or people who watch hangover movies on US television on Sundays, then no. I am not in any of those groups. I remember the Ernest movies from when I was a young adult, and I hated them then already. Jim Varney is not my cup of tea. He might be somebody's, since he's still being used. Well was, rather. He died in 2000 with 52 actor credits to his name. That's 50 more than I am OK with. I assume all 4 of you readers are watching these movies after reading the reviews, because that's what you do, right? You read a review of a movie and then you watch it? Anyway, if you are you will have seen Varney's turn in 3 Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountain. It was a stellar performance compared to this. Perhaps due to the fact that he has way less screen time in 3 Ninjas, and thus less opportunities to waste our time. But it' the principle of the matter. Jim Varney was by and largely not a good actor and shouldn't have been in as many movies was. Perhaps he'll surprise me yet. Not with new stuff obviously. I don't know if you noticed, but I just mentioned he died in 2000 meaning it's difficult to put out fresh material. But there are still... 46 Varney movies I have no seen, so I suppose he could be Oscar worthy in one or two of them. And under appreciated by the academy. It happens.

My face when watching this movie. 

All in all we have a movie with 3 pretty shitty actors, a shitty premise, pointless slapstick and a half assed script. I'll say, at least, the story kind of made sense. Not made sense as in “this is a believable story that could totally happen in real life”. But sense as in “this story moved from A to Z without leaving out half the letters. It seems asinine to even have to mention this, if I were reviewing movies that took longer than 10 minutes to write. But these bottom dwellers are a different breed altogether, and when I watch one of them, and aren't going “but... didn't they just... how... where... what?” every 5 minutes, it's an accomplishment I feel the need to crack open champagne for. It's a bittersweet victory, because I'm still none the richer for having watched this movie. But at least I'm not contemplating ending this pitiful existence and/or traveling to the Varney estate to empty my bladder on his grave. As bland as his performances are, they don't hold a candle to some of the other stuff I've sat through. Some of it, as even the laziest of readers will know, has downright pissed me off. Then again, without that motivation, this blog might not even exist. I don't know if that's a good consequence or a bad one. I'll let you lot decide.  

More Varney. Here he's just been run over by a slope preparing machine. Hilarious. Right? No.

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IMDb Bottom 100 Review - Number 62 Anus Magillicutty

IMDb Bottom 100 Review – Number 62 Anus Magillicutty

This movie... I remember people talking about it, years ago, as 'totally rad' and 'so funny you're gonna die laughing, bro'. Because I rather value life, I refrained from watching it. Today, however, I could no longer postpone. It was time to watch the movie that may possibly top Troll 2 as the most unintentionally stupid attempt at an actual film. Only, it's impossible to tell if these people are actually serious or not. It's that bad. Or complicated? Either way, please join me on a trip through 68 minutes of moving colored images on a screen. It's time to review...

Anus Magillicutty (2003)Anus Magillicutty

This fucking scene. It went on way longer than it should have. Purpose of scene? None. 
Yes, you read that number correctly. A mere 68 times does the thinnest hand traverse the circumference of a clock possibly making this the shortest movie on this list. And still, somehow, I managed to be pretty bored during at least 40 of those minutes. And kind of bored the remaining 28. The plot outline from IMDb is wildly generous. It lead me to believe scenes in this movie actually had red thread stringing them together, albeit that thread may possibly be so faint it was pink. I found, not completely surprising, that this wasn't even really the case. Scenes happened with no apparent adherence to story or script or even a general idea of what was going to happen, and why. I'm perfectly at ease with no significant dwelling on back stories of characters. But they have to at least have enough to motivate me to give a shit. I mean, why else would I want to watch them fuck around for 68 minutes? To run a blog? Not in this lifetime, matey.

Chee-Chee and Anus share their first on screen moment. Also their last. Chemistry is abundant. 
I'll see if I can flesh the plot out over two paragraphs, even if it's going to be tricky. I know I often say the plot is non existent in most of these movies, becaAnus MagillicuttyAnus Magillicuttyuse the stories are so thin, it's hard to imagine somebody sat down, with the intention of writing a story anybody with more than a 4 year old's worldly experiences wouldn't wrinkle their noses at. But in this particular case, I very seriously doubt the story or plot was anymore than “Anus goes from A to B to C and fade to black!”. There is nothing that spurs all this on or starts it off. It's just that. Dude drives around town, communicates with one or two people (note how I opted for the word communicate in lieu of the usual verb 'talk' – what goes on in this movie can hardly be described as actual talking or holding a conversation on any level). Fights break out for no reason. And sex and/or naked ladies happen for absolutely no reason too. In fact, the movie practically opens with a 4 minute sex scene. For a 68 minute movie, a 4 minute scene scene is pretty bold. And ultra dull. Anus Magillicutty

Guy ruining Anus' body dumping shenanigans. Interesting trivia: that dude is credited as white trash piece of shit. 
Anyway, here goes the plot. Anus (yes...) is at a bar. His opening line is: There are always two things on my mind: tits. Then sex scene. Then guy breaks into Anus' house and tries to shot him in his sleep, but his girlfriend wakes up, disarms the killer, and busts a few caps in his ass. Anus snoozes through all of this. Weeks seemingly pass by, with the rotting corpse of the killer deposited in the kitchen trash can – a concept Anus' father eventually tires of. He pesters Anus to take out the trash. Anus isn't happy, but complies. It's unclear if he's aware that it's a corpse. He takes it to a dumpster, where a fight breaks out with the unreasonably abrasive hobo living behind the dumpster. It ends when the hobo spontaneously combusts. Anus drives on, apparently unwilling to dump the body next to the charred remains of a hobo. He consults Brother Magillicutty who, for some weird reason, isn't his brother. Not by birth anyway. He is found on a bench, feeding ducks. Anus and Brother have apparently struck a deal with the Devil, exchanging their souls for looking really good. Brother takes Anus to his contact, Don Frank, who Anus manages to insult. Anus goes home, but is assaulted by another assassin and taken to the desert before he succeeds. Are you still with me here? Because there is more. Having chopped off the assassin's hand, Anus manages to scare him off, and proceeds to walk home, where he fights with his girlfriend in the shower, then sex (scene). Then another assault by an assassin whom Anus stabs with a butter knife. All this killing doesn't seem to phase Anus, and nobody else in the house are affected either. I guess the dad won't mind until the corpse starts stinking up the place.

Brother Magillicutty, with whom Anus struck a deal with the Devil (soulds for beauty), feeding wildlife at the local park bench. 
I won't reveal the ending here, for those devoted fans out there still holding out for the blu-ray version (actually I will. Anus meets up with Chee-Chee – a gangster overlord, for a pointless conversation that ends with Anus strangling Chee-Chee to death. He then meets the Devil, thinking Lucifer himself was behind the whole thing. Turns out old Lucy just wanted the corpse of the first assassin out of the trunk. The movie ends there, nothing having been resolved, no points made or anything noteworthy at all. Huzzah!). So in the middle of this flick, we see two semi-nude chicks semi-cavorting in a bed. This has no bearing on the already dwindling sense of story. The girls aren't characters in the movie. They have no reason to be there. But alas, they are. Later on, another scene with two chicks and a banana. The point? None. I'm not a prude or against gratuitous nudity. Perhaps I'm old fashioned though, when I have this weird notion, that nudity needs a purpose in, what is for all intents and purposes, a mainstream movie. I don't know if this movie is really a porno that the makers thought was such a masterpiece, they released it as a 'normal' movie, with the actual sex scenes cut out. It's happened before. If that's the case, finding this piece of shit on the Bottom 100 list must be bittersweet – people see it and recognize it, but it's still just a piece of shit.

Lucifer makes a cameo at the end. He just wanted some corpse action. Can't blame the dude really.
I want to take a little more time discussing the nudity in this movie. Because there was a lot of it, and again, it's 68 minutes long. That's an hour and change. With easily 15 of those minutes spent JUST on girls in a more or less declad state, it kind of makes me ponder what the purpose of it was. Just one movie ago we were exposed, as it were, to our very first set of female pectoral covers and now we are literally up to our necks in them. By this rate, we'll be waist deep by the time we reach the midway point. Sex sells, as I've discussed a few times. And female nudity is something of a crowd pleaser, I don't think I'm too innovative in saying. However, nudity for the sake of nudity seems different. Granted, this movie is horrible, and even filling 68 minutes is an accomplishment without just throwing in a loop of a girl sucking on a banana. But still, it seems like this movie wasn't as much made for a general release, as it was just a fucking off project for a small group of college students (not film students... I hope). The only piece of IMDb trivia reveals, that this movie was 99.9% unscripted. While I have no qualms believing this to be the case, based on, well, having seen the movie, I do wonder what part of the movie that last 0.01% refers to. Perhaps the title scripled in the back of a beer mat means they can confidently say .01% of this movie was scripted. Besides, trivia on IMDb is user submitted – albeit from users with a certain social standing. At least a certain social standing within the confines of an IMDb context. That being said, whenever shit is denoted as being 99.9% of something, my credibility meter kind of tilts toward the lower end of the scale. Why not just say it was all unscripted. I don't think finding people to pose nude for your arthouse film project is particularly hard, but still these girls must've been convinced this was going to be big or at the very least be a way to expand into dancing or modeling. I don't know. I guess they could just be friends of the director who didn't mind licking pesticides off of a banana peel for 5 minutes. What do I know? I'm just a movie reviewer. 

Anus was watching this early on in the movie. I think he called it cartoons. 
Unsurprisingly, most of the people involved in this production, have never dealt with the movie industry before or after. They have been involved in, what seems to be, each other's small projects. One has a talk show possibly? No episodes are credited, no writers, nothing of interest is written about it. Sounds like it never really came to fruition. One person is an exception, it seems. Joe Hall, who played both Chee-Chee, Satan and the kitchen assassin (he was so poorly disguised as kitchen assassin, that I thought it was supposed to be his character of Chee-Chee. Color me surprised when Chee-Chee turned up alive and well not 5 minutes later!), worked on Lord of the Rings: Return of the King as a system administrator. And a Spider-Man flick. And other random shit as well. Granted, it's hardly glamorous, but at least he's in there. I wonder if he had to tell the story of Anus Magillicutty at the lunch table a lot. The name makes a guy wonder, does it not? Who the fuck came up with that in the first place. I'm going to have to conclude, that this movie, while surely a college stoned-out-of-their-minds-at-3-am buddies getting together project, had to have been tongue in cheek at least to a little degree. The Troll 2 crew were dead fucking serious from A to Z, but there is precisely no way this movie was created with furrowed brow and trousers at half mast. If that is reality I deny reality. The cover of the film claims it's the worst movie ever made. Another piece of evidence supporting my theory, that these guys understood just how bad it was. Some of the dialogue, clearly improvised on the spot, was stupid but genuinely stupid. Some of it was attempting to be funny, and while it failed, it at least indicated self awareness. In the end, I have no clue what the fuck to think, but it's pretty clear, that whatever the intention was, the end product was 67 minutes too long, and I had to watch it because you guys would probably turn me in, if I didn't.

First assassin. Angry in death even. Intense. 

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IMDb Bottom 100 Review - Number 64 Seven Mummies

Mummies in the Arizona desert, Danny Trejo laughing an obscene amount of time, a Spanish gold treasure and people who govern a town seemingly inhabited by mummies. Not your every day movie content. Or is it? I don't know if it is, but tonight we are looking at a movie in which it is the only content. It's a wacky ride fraught with death and a B100 first: Female mammary appendices of an unclad variety. Yes, I can't believe it finally happened. You, as a mere reader, won't get to actually SEE anything, obviously, as the medium of this blog is text. But I did, and I'm far the better person for it. So waste no time in finding out how the bare naked female chest affected my review of...

Jesuit Monks are not about having their gold stolen. Time to open ancient cans of sandy whoop ass

Seven Mummies (2006)

I had no real idea what to expect going into this film. I mean besides being bored out of my poor unfortunate mind. I didn't know anything about it. Granted, I don't aways know a lot about these movies, because why the hell would I? (spoiler alert: Because I run a blog on shitty movies). This one seemed extra anonymous for some reason. No Paris Hilton for starters. I can't decide if this is a plus or a minus. The cover photo used in my media center for this movie was French for some reason. Not a good sign, when an American produced, directed and released movie has a French cover. That's perhaps prejudice, but I don't really care. It's my blog. When you have your own B100 review blog, you can have your own opinions. The French cover led me, will ill deserved trustworthiness, toward the erroneous assumption, that the movie was kind of like Zodiac Killer – a foreignly produced movie, that had somehow found both American funding and crew as some sort of fancy tax funded way for people who shouldn't, to get their movies made. The good Lord knows, we've seen that happen more than once. However, it turned out everything was perfectly North American about Seven Mummies. Again, this is neither a plus nor a minus. But at least I didn't need subtitles to watch it. I took 3 years of French, but it was back in the 90s so you can't really fault me for not recollecting too much. Or perhaps you can, I don't know. But if you are faulting me right now, there's really no way for me to know. An erroneous assumption the movie title didn't lead me toward, was that the movie wasn't about zombies. If you're thinking I inadvertently fell victim to the use of a double negative, you are wrong. The movie was about zombies. I had expected this.

Frank Motherhumpin' Nitti. In the wildest of wests. Contemporarily wild anyway. 

The plot of Seven Mummies is really exceedingly simple. No, it really is. Prison transport goes awry, prisoners escape after killing male guard and abducting inappositely attractive female prison guard. Since the prison transport apparently found it necessary to both transport an inappropriate amount of prisoners in a small cramped truck AND take a seemingly desolate and unnecessary route through a vast desert, the prisoners find themselves lost in the blazing hot sun. Unsure of the best course of action, they star wandering in a random direction. So far, so good. Or so OK. I don't know. I can believe everything happening up until now. Almost. The de facto leader of the outfit, is the stoic ruggedly handsome dusty blond buffed up prisoner who looks way too much like Chris Hemsworth for it to be an accident. But Thor didn't come out until 5 years after this film, and Chris hadn't really done much before that movie, so... perhaps Chris Hemsworth saw Seven Mummies and based his looks on the lead character? I'm going with that theory. Also, I'm going to call the lead character Chris, because I can't remember what the movie labeled him. Chris doesn't take shit from the rest of the prisoners, and when one of them tries to rape the prison guard right there in the sand, Chris has had about enough. A kerfuffle erupts and the group splits into two factions one of which consists of just one dude who apparently things he stands a better chance traversing the desert by himself. Chris doesn't care. During the spat, another distinct personality emerges. A stoic ruggedly handsome dark brown haired buffed up prisoner that has this mysterious air about him, that kind of wants us to believe, that perhaps he had been wrongfully imprisoned this whole time. This shows in the fact, that he doesn't at any point try to rape the female guard. She takes to him in the way Anna takes to her captors in Predator. A Stockholm syndrome subplot, if you will. This whole aspect isn't really explored further. We are content knowing he is better than the rest.

We should dig for water right here. Because of reasons. Oh an amulet? Well what do you know?

The little group come upon an outpost, inhabited by just one guy: Danny fucking Trejo. Yes. It's him. Trejo is legit. His role in this film isn't. But you can't really say anything, because it's Danny Trejo. You expect the unexpected with him. He plays an Indian here I think. That isn't explained either, or why the fuck he decided to set up shop in the middle of the desert. But he did. He acts out some weird ritual, and despite being just himself, the prisoners aren't immediately beating him to death to steal all his stuff. I guess there is decency in the world still. During the kerfuffle earlier, one of the prisoners found a medallion in the sand, while digging for water (yes, randomly diggin for water. With his hands). Danny Trejo knows a story or two about this medallion, and talks of a fabled town filled with some gold treasure, that monks blah blah. The usual story. Chris immediately abandons his plan for returning to civilization and instead decides he wants to find the gold. Everybody is ok with this. They leave Trejo's outpost, where we are treated to possibly the longest maniacal laugh during a fade between two scenes I have ever witnessed. Trejo laughs for easily 45 full seconds, while we see both his face, that the prisoners walk away. I don't understand why the hell this was a thing, but I can only assume they wanted to capitalize on the fact, that Trejo had somehow thought it OK to be a part of this film.


The rest of this is pretty much just the prisoners rolling into a weirdly anachronistic western style town, getting hot and heavy with the local prostitutes before the sheriff turns the whole damn town into Zombies. Chris, stoic dark haired dude, and female guard fight their way through throngs of angry zombies, find the gold, battle what I think are martial arts touting Jesuit zombie monks, while their little ragtag gang of prisoners are slowly, but surely, picked off. Even faction guy from earlier finds his way to the town and gets his comeuppance. I'd like to tell you more, but it's pretty clear by now, that there isn't much more to say.

Zombie Nitti talking mad shit to an innocent bystanding horse. 

Overall I guess I should state, that of all the movies I've seen so far, this was definitely in the higher end quality wise. The dialogue was mostly stupid, the acting was mediocre at best and lots of stuff didn't really make sense. But it wasn't AS stupid as most of the other ones I've had to sit through, and it only bored me to the point, where I just texted my girlfriend a little bit. That's huge, guys. I'm always torn between using the movies as background noise while I do something else, and feeling bad for not dedicating my full attention to them. For art's sake, you know. You don't know? No, neither do I. Lest I watch it dedicatedly I would feel bad. Like I failed you lot. Yes, novel concept, but I'm an extra mile kind of guy. Locations in the movie aren't super impressive. Desert mostly. I guess it's cool that they seem to have a whole western style town set going, but I believe there are many an abandoned town across the western states one could roll into. In any case, lots of extras and fucking around with costumes and what not. Budget wasn't in the high end, so I'm impressed. Damn I hate saying that. But credit where credit is due and all that.

"Bwahahahaha..... hahahahahaha.... bwaaaaahahahaha.... are we done yet? No? Bwaaaaahahahaha"

Besides the Chris Hemsworth looking guy, and Danny Trejo, I noticed a few familiar faces on the cast list. The sheriff looked eerily familiar right off the bat, but it took me a few moments to recognize old Billy Drago's weirdly scared face. He was, of course, Frank Nitty in The Untouchables. He played the sheriff, Drake, with gusto. He wanted gold, afterall, or two protect it. I didn't quite get that. Or perhaps it wasn't there to get. I don't know that either. We also chanced upon Noel Gugliemi, who most of you will know from... that movie involving a recognizable latino looking dude. He has been in some big productions like Training Day and The Dark Knight Rises but also is found in shit like Seven Mummies as the goto latino prisoner dude who swears a lot, is dissatisfied with everything, and snuffs it near the end. Hey, we all gotta live, right? Glancing over the cast list, I see Danny Trejo is entered as playing 'Apache'. So native American was right then. Explains the snakes and simple patterns on rough wooly ponchos. Good stuff.

Chris Hemsworth and the gang. And some woman who apparently is a prison guard. 

Seven Mummies wasn't a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it had an edge on the rest of the ensemble we deal with on an almost weekly basis. Denny Trejo beats Paris Hilton any day of the week, and we all know it. Plenty of plot holes in this one, and shit that just dosn't make any sense, but it seemed like a little more genuine effort had been invested in this, as opposed to stuff like The Hillz or Body in the Web. And then somebody got naked. It makes precisely zero difference to anything, but they managed to squeeze in a spot of nudity. I don't know if this is a plus or a minus either. Seems to happen a lot with this movie. But it is noteworthy, that it was the first time that had happened. Sure Body in the Web had apparently been a lot more raunchy before being cut for the prudish American market, and the version I saw was precisely that one, but it doesn't really count. I would have thought, that these bottom dwellers would be stuffed to the hilt with naked people, because as we know, if you have ten minutes you don't know what to do with in a film, you can always stick in slow motion nudity. It just gets the job done. So yes, I'm surprised, perhaps pleasantly, that this isn't the case. Granted, I still have like 60 movies to go, but if this trend continues, I will be able to count on a few hands, the number of times this will occur.