Hi hello how are you alright.

Alright, now that we've gotten the formalities out of the way, here is the skinny on what's going on. I've always been a sharing kind of guy. You know, we're all brothers and sisters after all, and if I have something and you have less, then by all means we should share between us. In that vein, I've meant to keep this site ad free since the inception of my Bottom 100 Reviewing idea. Partly I still believe this, but also partly I wouldn't mind making some passive aggressive cash on the side. That's why I've added Google Ad-Sense. I'm going to try and keep things on the low down, so they aren't bothersome. I hate, as much as the next guy, ads that fuck up your user experience. But a few hits here and then might net me enough money to keep my Coke addiction going. That's Coca Cola. Not the powdery stuff you sniff. Or I hear you sniff it, I wouldn't know. No no, this is the totally legal Coke habit. Capital C and all that. Anyway, that's about it for news.

Besides the ads, the site is very straight forward. I review movies, post about them, and you read those words, you tell your friends, they read them, we all have a great big laugh and I go home with a huge wad of cash in my pocket. Everybody wins. If you're wondering why I'm writing all these reviews, and the reason "I look to make money" isn't a good enough answer, because let's face it. The chances of me making more than 50 cents a month on this are slim, then I suppose a better answer would be "Because I thought it would be fun and it doesn't appear there are a lot of projects like this on the internet." So there we are. It has been sort of fun? Also sort of devastating. So much so, that I had a 2 year hiatus in the middle of everything. I lost my domain in that time, because I'm kind of a doofus and also I'm poor. Some Romanian dude bought it, for some reason. I don't know if there was enough traffic to warrant cyber-squatting, but I thought screw it, and bought the .net version instead. If he abandons the .com version after realizing having a domain that does nothing is pointless, I'll buy it back. I'm not holding my breath. Especially when he realizes this site is back up, and doubles down on his little shitty endeavor. Really, who the hell buys random domains that are expired and then wants 5 grand for them?

So that's that. I've merged two groups on Facebook into one beautiful Totally Whatevs group. You can find it here. Like it and stay up to date, in case you are like super eager to read the reviews as soon as they launch.

I'll put other stuff in here, if I remember it, and I feel like it's relevant. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 22, 2018